5 tips to get you typing before the essay deadline

Starting an essay can be hard, and when essays are due, that’s when the dishes get done, the stairs get hoovered, and the bathroom gets cleaned – procrastination at its finest, everyone. But, at some point or another, that essay needs to be written, so here are my 5 tips for writing essays before the deadline:

Change your attitude

First and foremost stop procrastinating, all those chores can wait. I think I speak for everyone when I say this word comes with feelings of dread and loathing (not sure if that’s slightly hypocritical regarding the point I’m making). Anyway, having a bad attitude towards the essay is your worst enemy. Although it can be difficult, try and have a more positive mindset about the task at hand by telling yourself it isn’t going to be as horrible and difficult, or take as long, as you think.

Consider your environment

One of the most crucial things to writing a good essay is finding a place where you know you can just get your head down and crack on with what you need to be doing. This differs from person to person which sometimes means you won’t be able to study with your friends, but it’s important to go where you concentrate and perform best if you want to get lots of work done. Find your zone.

Ask for help

Sometimes starting an essay can be hard simply because you don’t have a bloody clue about what you’re writing. Whether you don’t understand the question or don’t know where to start, your lecturers are there to help you, so use them!

Come up with a plan

The thought of a 4000-word essay can send you into a complete meltdown complete with hot sweats or floods of tears. But if you come up with a solid plan, gather your references, refer back to your lecture notes, and write an essay plan, you’ll be pretty much there with it. All you have to do is fill in the gaps.

Another tip for writing essays which helps is breaking down the word count. Try setting yourself daily targets of 200 words per day. If you start early enough before you know it, you’ll be writing your conclusion.

Just do it

More often than not, starting the essay turns out the be harder than the essay itself. So, force yourself out of bed, put your grubby study clothes on and get typing!

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