The best eco-cups for students

Whatever the type of coffee you drink says about you, the type of cup you use will say how environmentally conscious you are. A good eco-cup is much like a good lover: reliable, not too big, not too small… and keeps things hot. And since there have been whisperings about the introduction of a 25p tax charge for the paper cups they hand out in cafes, it’s about time you find yourself a good lover… – I mean cup! Here’s our list of the best eco-cups for students…

Keep cup

Sported by bloggers, influencers and probably some regular human beings too, the chances are you’ve seen this keep cup on your Insta feed at some point. Available in a plethora of colours and sizes, and with the option to customise your design, you can definitely find a mug that looks as good as you.

But we all know that looks aren’t everything, and this mug has some other strong selling points. With a solid ethical motivation, the company is admirable, and its reliability has been hailed. Occasionally it’s been rumoured to leak and smell a bit funky, but are these reviews from competing companies trying to bring down the big dogs?

Price: £10 – £12

Verdict: 4.5/5

Starbucks Own

Fit for the fashion-conscious, basic bitch of campus. You can still get your Starbucks to go and sit in the library for hours with it, making it clear that you’ve bought a pumpkin spiced latte with no regrets. Unfortunately, that’s about all it’s good for. It’s neither leak-proof nor does it possess the ability to keep your drink warm for more than the length of time it takes to walk between the collection point and the sugar stand. Abysmal. Would not recommend this brand of eco-cups for students.

Price: £1 (for a good reason)

Verdict: 1/5

BYO coffee cup

Designed to resemble a classic brown paper cup, this silicon travel cup will either make you look incredibly hipster or as if you’ve just attended one of those dull meetings that serve crappy coffee. The silicone material means it’s bendy, so great for stuffing into a bag. But not so great if you don’t know your own strength and grab your coffee with a bit too much eagerness.

Price: £9.95

Verdict: 2/5

Frank Green travel cup

Not only is it interesting looking, but it’s also one of the few cups that prioritises keeping your coffee hot for longer. The screw-top makes it feel more secure than most of the other cups on the list, and as the keep cup, it’s customizable. Don’t expect to be buying your usual extravagant orders at cafes for a while, as this is one of the pricier cups and you’ll probably have to be a bit more cash-conscious if you want to splurge!

Price: £18.99 – £19.99

Verdict: 4/5

Stojo collapsible cup

The obvious perk of this cup is its collapsible feature. Ideal if you carry the contents of a small suitcase in your backpack every day and the mere thought of fitting a flask in is laughable. Folding down so small it’s like some freakish yogi and can even fit in pockets (though not stupid women’s pockets because they’re too small for anything more than a tampon). But its biggest selling point is also its downfall as squishing it too hard when it’s full of liquid can only result in disaster.

Price: £12.99

Verdict: 4/5

So if you’re looking for an affordable eco cup that’s going to help the planet and your bank account (25p off at most chains – yasss) the Keep Cup is the best all-rounder, the heptathlete of the reusable cups shall we say! The choice of size and colour means you can have multiple to match all your different outfits, much like Cher from clueless – and who doesn’t want to resemble Cher?

However, if you want something more secure, the Frank Green is for you, and if you don’t travel light, the Stojo would be perfect for squidging between your laptop, used chewing gum wrappers and crushed water bottles.

Happy sipping.

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