Thinking about living on your own this year? Here are some things you should know…

I know that uni is supposed to be the time where you make the best of friends, live together, get smashed together, etc. But when I was in shared accommodation in first year, I felt constantly isolated because I didn’t ‘click’ with everyone else as well as they did with each other. This year I was happy when I ended up finding a studio, which meant I had a kitchen and bathroom to myself. If you’re looking for accommodation and debating doing the same, these are some benefits and drawbacks of living on your own:


Easier to study

When you have flatmates with different schedules to you, who may be having a rave while you’re trying to cram for an exam, it can be really difficult to concentrate on your studies. Having said that it may be easier to procrastinate when living alone.

Your own kitchen

Being responsible for your own fridge space, and not having to wait in line to use the kettle or the oven makes eating a lot more comfortable. Not finding rotten milk and vegetables is also a bonus!

Less mess (hopefully)

It can be one of the most annoying things having spent hours cleaning the living space, only for it to be turned into a tip by someone hosting messy prinks and not bothering to clean it up.

Interior Decorator

You’re in charge of where everything goes and how it looks. This can be a great opportunity to stamp your decorative flair and spruce up to your flat.


Socialising is harder

While in a studio you do see people in the corridor, the conversations don’t go very far. When you live in a flat, it’s easier to bond with people you see every day.

No food stealing

When you’ve run out of milk or sugar in shared halls, it’s not an issue as you can just pinch a bit of someone else’s and no one will usually notice. On your own, you just have to deal.

Fewer parties

In a massive accommodation block or street where everyone knows everyone, there’s always a party somewhere you can go to. In a studio, no one really fancies messing up their room.

It is your decision at the end of the day, and you have to do what is most comfortable for you. If you feel you cannot go back to living in a student house, there are loads of options accommodation-wise, and you’re sure to find one you like the most.

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