Want to avoid a hangover? Here’s what you need to eat

It’s a student night out, and you’ve got your drinks sorted, but have you got the right food on the table to ensure a bloat-free evening and a stomach-convulsing hangover? Here’s what you need to eat if you want to avoid a hangover before you go for a night out on the town:

High-fat foods

I don’t mean guzzle down a huge mac’n’cheese before you go, I mean opt for foods with a high healthy fat content like salmon, nuts and olives. These foods help line the stomach, reducing the rate at which food (and alcohol) is absorbed meaning that you are far less likely to feel like death in the morning. On another note, as these types of food fill you up quickly, you won’t have to eat vast amounts to feel satisfied, so there is a lesser risk of bloating.

Avocados or bananas

These foods are potassium-dense and can, therefore, help bolster your ion levels which will decrease through dehydration during the evening (and the next day).


Ginger is a powerhouse ingredient that helps regulate your blood sugar, as well as relieve symptoms of nausea and anxiety. Have a ginger tea or an Asian stir-fry before you head out and the anti-inflammatory properties will minimise any bloating as well as keep you feeling a bit less like you want to throw up the next day!


Obviously, the water element in this is key. Before you go out, you want to make sure you are hydrated as even though you are drinking liquids, alcohol dehydrates you which is one of the main reasons why you may feel so disgusting the next day. Top up your water content to reduce the head-throbbing the following morning, maybe even make vodka melon slushies if you don’t fancy picking at the fruit as a sweet dessert.


Eggs are regarded as a ‘complete’ protein as they contain all nine of the essential amino acids needed for your body to function. The eggs whites hold vitamins such as selenium, B6 and B12. B-vitamins have been associated with feelings of wellbeing so it may be that including some eggs in your pre-sesh meal will give you a bit more confidence out on the dancefloor (if the alcohol hasn’t already done so). They are also good at stabilising stomach activities, so you may not be quite so queasy after a night out.

Try making some pre-sesh meals that contain as many of these nourishing ingredients as possible, such as Ginger and peanut salmon stir-fry, Smashed avocado on toast, and Omelette filled with leftover veg from the fridge. Don’t forget to pimp out your meals as well with cooking staple ingredients.

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