5 tips for choosing university modules

1. Research

Make sure you actually read everything you can about the module beforehand. Don’t just skim the page and think you know enough about it.

2. Try out some of the reading

Look over the reading list and choose a couple at random to read now. It’s one of the quickest ways to detect how bored you’re going to be and if the module is covering what you expect.

3. Make a list

Make a ranked list of the modules you want. You might not always get your first or even your second choice, and you don’t want to be missing out by not deciding now which ones you would like to do instead.

4. consider your schedule

Even if you think that a lecture at nine in the morning and a seminar at four on a Monday is a good idea because you’ll be productive in the library and be able to get so much done, that won’t ever happen, and you’ll just regret being born. That being said, don’t choose all the modules you find really dull just because they have afternoon lectures and seminars.

5. Does it complement the rest of your course?

You can talk about what modules you took on your CV and how it relates to your future job expectations; you can talk about the skills you’ve developed a lot easier, so think about what you will get out of them.

Stephanie Bennett

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