What to expect if you’re a Southerner going to Uni in the North

So you’ve opted to attend a university up north rather than stay amongst your fellow Southerners. Here’s what to expect if you’re a Southerner going to Uni in the north of England.

1. Strangers speak to you

…and you don’t have to avoid eye contact or assume they’re going to murder you. Up north, complete strangers will actually say hello to you or chat with you nonchalantly in the queue as you’re buying a bottle of milk at the corner shop. It’s literally the opposite of life in the south.

And don’t even get me started on when they get some alcohol down them – you will make at least one new best friend on every night out and forever be blessed with their Snapchat stories for the rest of Uni.

2. They have their own gravy-soaked cuisine

Northerners know how to do comfort food right. And they’re also extremely passionate about their foodie quirks and will pester you to try them.

Even though it might repulse you at first, when they talk you into that greasy ‘parmo’ or gravy covered cheesy chips at the end of a night out and watch you like a proud parent as you take your first bite, you will not regret the decision.

Even if you pretend it’s disgusting at first.

3. You will be shamed for wearing a coat

Even if it’s snowing, you won’t find proper Northerners throwing on their parka before heading out the door to the club. No, expect the girls to brave it in nothing but a dress and the guys to be in just a t-shirt.

And even if you can see them trying to hold back the shivers and pretend they don’t have goosebumps, they’ll never admit to how cold they are. And the second you put a coat on, you’ll be jeered at for being a cowardly Southerner, and they’ll always claim that “It isn’t even that cold!”

4. Northerners are the proudest of people

And you will probably always slightly envy them and try to act like a ‘Northerner’ while you’re around them. You’ll start saying ‘dinner’ instead of ‘lunch’, taking gravy over ketchup, and calling alleyways ginnels. Even if you love your roots, you’ll always be proud of getting to play Northerner during your time at Uni.

Amy Smith

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