Why getting a bad mark on an assignment isn’t a big deal

One thing you can’t avoid at uni is the dreaded essay/project feedback. It’s a horrible moment for all students, waiting for online or face-to-face feedback, and (sometimes) the grade you receive at the end of it is less than satisfying.

Instead of letting a ‘bad’ mark defeat you, here’s why it isn’t such a bad thing.

1. You can make up for it

One of the good things about a bad mark is that grades at uni are relative. All marks, good and bad, are taken into consideration. So, when you put all your marks together, you may come out better than you thought.

2. You can look back and see where you went wrong

For many of us, looking back on our defeats is horrible. But, in terms of uni work, looking back on your mistakes can be a good thing. You can take on the feedback, see where you went wrong and know not to make the same mistakes again.

3. You can put everything in perspective

For many of us, uni is a blur of nights out and (far too much) booze, meaning work might take a backseat from time to time. Getting a bad mark can be a good way for you to readjust your priorities.

4. You can talk to someone

Uni is all about independence, as there’s nobody there 24/7 to tell you how you’re doing. But, the good thing about receiving feedback (good or bad) is that you can talk to your tutor about it, get some advice and get yourself on the right track.

5. You aren’t going to like every piece of work you do at uni

At uni, no two assignments are the same and – as you progress through your course – you learn what assignments/projects you do and don’t like. Sometimes, the projects you don’t like result in your worst marks. But, don’t let this get to you, you can make up for it with the projects you do like.

Do you stress when you get a bad mark?

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