How I made friends in Freshers’ Week

In Freshers’ Week, everything is new and exciting, and you often want to experience as much as possible. However, the task of making new friends all over again can be daunting and difficult, but it’s important to remember that everyone is in the same boat and just as keen to make friends. You may feel an inclination to cling to the first people you meet, but it’s important to be independent and branch out of your comfort zone.

Moving in

As soon as you move in and meet your flatmates, it is a good idea to introduce yourselves to the other flats surrounding you so you can maximise your chances of making good friends. This is important to do at the beginning of Freshers because, although unlikely, you may not get on with everyone in your flat later on in the year, and it’s always good to have options and different people to hang out with. It also allows you to get a big group of people together when you go out-out. Maybe even create a group chat.

Hosting pres

At some point in Freshers, you should host a pre-drinks. This encourages people to mingle, and you can get to know as many people as possible. Often, the people you invite tend to bring others along, and as you don’t know anyone yet it can be difficult to trust the people coming not to break anything, so it’s a good idea to keep your laptop and anything else valuable locked away in your room. When people know you’re a sociable flat, you’ll be more likely to be invited to other pres/parties!


When everyone’s had a drink or two, you may find yourself telling your life story to a bunch of strangers. However, you’ve just met these people, and you don’t wanna scare them off, so it’s important you don’t go too hard too soon. You don’t want to be the one who peaks too early and throws up in the hallway – honestly, no one will want to look after you all night. You don’t exactly have to be the Mum of the group either, but it’s a good idea not to get too messy until you know your flatmates a bit better.


Your first couple of seminars are important when making friends – often, you are required to speak to the person next to you to discuss the work, and the initial conversations can be awkward. But be friendly and jump right in. Often, the room is filled with whispers of “I have no idea what we’re doing, do you?”, which can be the most comforting thing to hear as a Fresher.


The Freshers Fayre is a great opportunity to explore your interests further and gain new ones by joining societies you’ve never heard of before. Joining a society or sports team is a really good way of making friends because you’re surrounded by people with similar interests to you. This can be especially helpful if you’re a shy person and it gives you something else to focus on other than your uni work. Remember, having interests makes you interesting.

Hopefully, this has offered you some encouragement to make friends at uni to make Freshers the best possible time!

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