When everyone takes drugs, and you don’t: dealing with parties

Uni is a time when many people decide to experiment and try new things, which often includes drugs; so at uni, it is likely that at some point you will be around people who are doing this. As a student, I rarely go a day without walking past a group and smelling the familiar waft of weed travel past. But if you’re a student who doesn’t want to do drugs, sometimes you can find yourself in difficult or uncomfortable situations. Here are my tips on how to handle them.

Make it clear

Tell your friends (or whoever you’re with) from the start that you don’t want to do or take anything. If you make this clear to them, then it will stop them from feeling like they can gradually change your mind, and if they ask you why then explain it to them.

Just be careful not to sound like you’re condemning anyone who chooses to use drugs, as it’s their own choice as much as this is yours. 99% of the time, people will be very understanding and won’t push the matter.

Don’t preach

If you’re happy to stay with your friends while they get high, then don’t be the person continuously getting on to them about how bad it is, and why they shouldn’t do it. Not only is it just going to ruin the mood for everyone, but it is also very unlikely to make a difference as to whether they will continue to use drugs or not. If the threat of being arrested isn’t enough, your complaining won’t be.

As long as you don’t feel like your friends are putting themselves, and you, in danger then let them off; they’re adults, and there will always be uni students who are going to do drugs.

Do not let yourself feel pressured

Some people will always try to convince or ask whether you’re sure you don’t want to try it. But make sure you don’t feel pressurised into something that you don’t really want to do. You should never have to worry about losing friends just because you don’t want to use drugs. If you do change your mind, then that’s fine too just make sure to be safe about it.

Sometimes it is best to take a step back

I have sometimes found it easier to take myself out of the situation if I know that people are planning to get high, and I don’t feel like getting bombarded with questions about why I don’t want to. Make plans to do something else; you don’t have to get high to have a good time.

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