6 things I learned during my 1st year of uni

University is meant to be unpredictable. No matter what you think your first year at uni will be, there’ll always be things that you least expect from happening. Here are 6 things I learned during my 1st year of uni:

Quality of friends > quantity

Despite chatting to loads of new ‘friends’ in the first few weeks of uni and thinking I was going to be able to keep up all these new connections, I was wrong. But what I did learn is that it really is about the quality of friends, not quantity. University really is the place for making solid, long-lasting friendships, and I can honestly say that I have made the closest friends I’ve ever had here.

Your course is never what you expect

I had a lot of expectations about my course and what I thought it would be like. However, I had only gathered this information from one Open Day, a couple of brochures, and what the uni website had to offer in the form of a list of bullet points and module options.

My modules in 1st year uni were better than I expected, and others were worse than I expected. In the future, I would definitely remind myself to go into something with a more open mind and without as many expectations.

There will always be housemate tiffs

… But it’ll always work out alright in the end. I’ve been lucky to get on really well with my housemates, but there are inevitably going to be some disagreements now and then. This is the reality of living with a group of people in close proximity and seeing each other every day!

A bad grade is not the end of the world

I’m a big perfectionist, and I have high expectations regarding grades. I went to uni with a goal of getting a first, and it caused me a lot of unnecessary stress in the first year when I should’ve been enjoying the experience more! After one particularly bad grade and a short cry to my housemate, I decided to pick myself up and relax a little, at least during the first year. And it was the best decision I made!

I needed to take time for myself and to be independent

I came to university in a long-term relationship and with friends back home, and I was determined to keep these bonds strong throughout uni, despite everyone telling me that it’d be hard. Although it might work well for some, I found that I was feeling stifled trying to balance a relationship from my home life, which almost felt like a separate world during the first year, and keeping up other toxic friendships.

If I could do it all again, I would go to uni with a completely fresh start and learn to be fully independent and on my own for the first time in my life.

Uni is amazing!

Last but certainly not least, I learnt during my 1st year of that uni really is what it is cracked up to be. Coming to the end of my awesome second year now I can truly say I am having the time of my life. I wouldn’t change my first year for the world because it is where I made many mistakes (and learnt from them), but also made a huge amount of fun memories to last me a lifetime.

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