Busting myths about mature students

You won’t be able to balance ‘life’ with uni studies

Being a little older, mature students are more likely to have to balance things like work or a family and looking after children with their studies at uni. Therefore, it’s quite a common view that this is unrealistic, or will result in poor grades. And sure, it is most definitely a tough thing to do – balancing all these different aspects, but if they are already part of a family and have been working for several years already, mature students are likely to already be skilled at balancing multiple responsibilities!

You won’t remember as much from school, so you’ll be behind

As it was a little longer since you were last in education and school subjects aren’t as fresh in your mind, people might assume that you’ll immediately start off being behind on your course. Although this seems logical, it really doesn’t matter all that much. This is because Uni is so different to how you learn, and what you learn, at school – really, it’s a totally different ball game. Therefore, everyone starts off at a pretty level field, and if not, those who put the work in to catch up will do just fine.

“It’s too late”

Probably one of the more common phrases used when talking about mature students. But it is never too late! Sometimes, you don’t realise what career you really want to pursue at a young age. You might’ve already been through a couple of jobs, and perhaps that is what helped you really discover what you want to do. If you’re really interested in a subject and passionate about it, age and time shouldn’t stop you from going ahead with it.

You won’t make friends

It’s a common assumption that it’ll be harder to make friends due to your age, but that’s often not the case at all. Most of the time Uni students are actually very mature and accepting of returning students, and as long as you’re friendly, and make an effort to chat to people, you should have no issues making friends like any other student. They will probably love to get tips off you as well due to your wealth of life experience and will often look up to you.

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