Last-minute History A-Level tips

So you’re looking to pursue History at uni, all you gotta do is ace your A-levels, why not give your History A-Level revision a boost with some of these last-minute tips:

Try and remember the broad key themes and work inwards from there

As long as you have the main historical narrative, you can’t really go wrong on any question.

Do as many practice essays as possible

Whether they’re plans, essays in timed conditions or just a quick scribble in an hour, it’s all worth it. If you try and attempt the hardest or trickiest questions during revision, you’re less likely to be thrown by difficult questions in the actual exam.

Don’t panic about dates

If you can’t remember the specific day, month and year, that’s fine, although it is better if you do. As long as you don’t write an entire paragraph on the significance of a particular date that is wrong, you’ll be fine.

Ask questions

If you don’t understand something, then ask your teacher. Now is the time to ask before you’re sat in your exam panicking because you don’t know what a word in the question means.

If you don’t like a certain topic area, revise that the most

It’s unfortunate, but the bits we like the most are rarely on the exam, and while it makes revision easier it’s not always the most productive.

Read the question carefully

If you read the year or century wrong you can say goodbye to a decent mark.

Sift through the information and plan your answer

No one is as fluent in English as they think they are, try and structure your answer so you can keep focus.

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