Last minute tips for Geography A-level exams

A-level exams are tough. Factor in the pressure of conditional university offers and you’re talking a very stressful 4 months! Your teachers will often emphasise how important it is to start revision early etc. and I definitely side with them on that! But as exams loom closer, here are a few things that I did for my geography A-level that made learning it for the exams a little more straightforward for my simple brain:

1) Learn case studies like they’re stories.

Case studies are essential when it comes to getting good marks in some of the longer questions for the exam. Significant details like the number of deaths or mm of ash are what the examiners look for. Correct demonstrations of the processes you’ve learnt in real life examples show that you have really understood the material. When you think of how many stories and songs you know subconsciously in your head, think about using that same learning process with the information that you need to memorise – maybe even make it into a song?

2) Diagrams are key.

It has been said that an image can speak a thousand words and that is so true. Memorise a few key diagrams with the labels included such as coastal erosion/spit formation etc… and it’s a key way to make sure that you communicate all the most important points. You don’t have to be an amazing artist to score highly through drawing diagrams, you just need to make the key features clear and correctly labelled.

3) Practice, practice, practice.

This could be applied to all subjects but it really is that the more you go over past exam questions and go over your revision notes, the further ingrained in your mind the information gets. Just writing something down repeatedly cements it further in your brain. Trust me, you may still be remembering all of the details of the 2004 Haiti tsunami for the rest of your life. Go over past exams and mark schemes, looking for how the marks are distributed (is it vocabulary, detail, examples?) then use this knowledge to pack your answers full of the valuable information.

4) Make posters.

As I learn visually, I found making a poster for each case study really effective in helping me remember things. Use lots of different colours and pens to make sure the key points stand out. It may be that a relevant question comes up in the exam and you can actually visualise the poster in your head and see that specific part that you need to know.

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