5 reasons why Leeds is the best city for students

If you’re thinking of going to uni in Leeds you’re in for a treat, hands down it offers one fo the best student lifestyle experiences for those who attend uni here. Of course, it doesn’t offer the history and tradition that you would experience at the Oxbridge unis but that might not be what you are looking for. Here are 5 reasons why Leeds is the best city for students:

1) The nightlife in Leeds is notoriously good

There are countless clubs, bars and beer gardens where you can spend a lazy, sunny summer afternoon or a great night out where you don’t get home until the sun starts to rise. There is always somewhere to go regardless of what day of the week it is. If you want to drink cocktails and dance to pop on a Monday night then you can. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

2) The universities are fantastic

Leeds has four universities now, and while I can only personally attest to the University of Leeds, I’ve heard from many that the others are similarly great. At the University of Leeds, the libraries are expansive and well-stocked, the campus is fun and easy to navigate and there is always something to do.

3) If you don’t like going out and drinking, that’s not a problem

There is always an event on or a tour around Leeds. The city has some lovely parks, some great museums and an extensive city centre filled with shops, cinemas and restaurants. Leeds is also close to York and its own array of medieval castle ruins if you ever felt like exploring for a day.

4) It can’t be reiterated enough that there is always something to do

Because Leeds is a large city in the north, there are thousands of events that are put on regularly throughout the year. There’s a festive market every Christmas and there are always popular bands and acts performing around the city. Millennium Square always has cute markets and rides or is set up to accommodate bands playing there.

5) Leeds is also famous for its festivals

If you want to attend Leeds Festival but get fed up of the mess and the mud after a day or so, you can nip back to your house or accommodation and sleep in a bed, have a decent shower and go to the toilet without waiting in a queue.

Whatever your priorities as a student, Leeds can accommodate them all.

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