Why Bristol is the best city for students

With two unis in Bristol, it’s no wonder that you find students all over the city. It’s also not surprising how many of the students absolutely love it here. Bristol is the perfect place for a student, with a mix of culture and entertainment that gives you more opportunities to fill your spare time than you could need.

What can you do in the city?

There are always plenty of great places to eat all over Bristol, whether you prefer to go for the more well-known chains, an independent restaurant that can only be found in Bristol, or a local pub for some classic pub grub. Bristol has a vast range of places to eat all around the city that is bound to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

From the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge to a visit to Bristol Zoo, there are plenty of places to go to if you fancy doing something that will get you outdoors. There are also plenty of other activities such as crazy golf, Airhop, or looking at Banksy’s graffiti all over the city. A trip to Cabot Circus or Cribbs Causeway is also always an excellent choice; with plenty of restaurants, shops, and cinemas you can easily waste hours and hours wandering around these spots. There are so many things that you can choose to do, whether your budget is high or you’re down to your last few pounds; Bristol can accommodate you.

Bristol also has plenty of bars, pubs, and clubs for you to choose from, so if you’re a fan of the sesh, you’ll have no problem finding a place for a good night out. If you like the big clubs then going to SWX or Pryzm would be the perfect night out for you. If you prefer something more alternative, then Motion or Thekla might be right for you. There are also more than enough pubs for you to create your ultimate pub crawl across the city.

Transport and Connectivity

You can easily travel around Bristol by bus. The bus companies do ticket deals for students, with an annual pass (if you think you’ll be using them a lot) at £455. If not, you can still get around with a student day ticket for only £3, or if you’re travelling around at night, it’s just £2.

Travelling to other cities couldn’t be easier with the use of trains or the Megabus. You can easily visit Bath, which is only half an hour away and is home to many of its own interesting places for sight-seeing or shopping. Cardiff is also not far away, and definitely worth a visit. It’s easily accessible with a train or bus ride. The transport links are also great for when you need to get back home – you can get some really cheap deals for travelling with Megabus if you know your travel date in advance or are willing to be flexible.

How welcoming and safe does Bristol feel?

Bristol has everything you could want from a big city, but with the safer feeling which you get from a smaller one. Any city is going to have areas that you might not want to walk through alone when it’s getting dark, but when you’re in the city centre, it feels comfortable to walk around without worrying about your personal safety. Bristol is a welcoming city, and with their strong West-country accents (once voted the friendliest accent in Britain) you can’t help but feel welcomed by the city and the people alike.

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