Why Liverpool is the best city for students

Ah, Liverpool, home of The Beatles, Scouse (although your family member’s recipe is always the best, without question) and, come September, plenty of students. Now I might be a little biased as a born and bred Scouser, but here’s why Liverpool is the best city for students:

1. There’s plenty to do

The beauty of Liverpool is that there’s so much to do. You can visit one of the museums (The Merseyside Maritime Museum or the World Museum), go to the art gallery, and go to one or both of the cathedrals. With it being a big city, there’s always something new and exciting to do. Plus, the great thing is that many attractions in Liverpool offer discounted prices for students – so there’s stuff to do without it costing you (too much).

2. The nightlife

One thing a lot of students love is going out… a lot and, I’ll be honest, the Liverpool nightlife doesn’t disappoint. As well as the infamous Concert Square (be careful of the cobbles!), there’s also Matthew Street and the Baltic Triangle. Weeknights and weekends are often buzzing with people, mainly students, so if you’re a fan of going “out-out”, Liverpool is the place to be.

3. Good transport and connectivity

Though it’s great in Liverpool, once the semester’s over or if you have a free weekend, it’s great to get out of the city. So, it’s a good job Liverpool has such a good transport system and connectivity. For getting around the city, there are plenty of bus stops and taxi spots. Plus, Liverpool has both Lime Street and Central train stations, so it’s pretty straightforward getting yourself home when the term’s over. Not to mention, you can visit Southport, New Brighton and Chester – all great spots for beach days… though the weather is never good enough!

4. Scousers are friendly

So maybe the only encounter you’ve had with a Scouser might be watching Craig Charles on Coronation Street, or watching (and cringing at) Hayley on this season of Love Island. Don’t let that put you off! Though we seem loud and intimidating at times, most Scousers are actually pretty friendly and (provided no bad words are said) we’re welcoming, too.

5. It’s cheap

Something you have to get used to when you’re a student is your money situation: you’re not going to have a lot of it but, somehow, you’ll spend a lot of it. Luckily, Liverpool is pretty cheap. Though certain shops and restaurants might seem pricey, Liverpool offers cheap shops like Home Bargains and Wilkinson’s, along with a host of vintage shops where you’re sure to find great deals.

Does Liverpool sound like a great student city?

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