Why Newcastle is the best city for students

Newcastle is definitely the best city for students. If I had to advise any college students on which city to study in, Newcastle would be the one.

Things To Do:

There is so much to do in Newcastle and its surrounding areas. If you are a fan of history, there is the Hancock Museum and the Discovery Museum in the city centre. Further out of Newcastle you will find Beamish, which is an open-air museum; there’s Alnwick Castle and Gardens along with a ton of other sight-seeing beauties. If you’re an art fan, there’s the Laing Art Gallery, city centre, and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art down by the Quayside.

If it’s shopping that you’re after there’s Intu Eldon Square which has so many shops in one place that you won’t know where to begin. A short bus or train journey will get you to the Intu Metrocentre in Gateshead, which is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK!

This one goes without saying, but the nightlife in Newcastle is unlike any other. Newcastle wins many awards year on year for its clubbing scene. So, if a city with a great nightlife is what you’re after then, Newcastle is the place for you.


Newcastle has its very own Metro system which really helps with getting around the city. There are stations in the popular student areas such as Jesmond, West Jesmond, Heaton, and City Centre. There are also stops further out which may be of interest to those who want to get out of the city, in Tynemouth, Cullercoats or Whitley Bay – if the seaside is ever on the cards for you!

There are buses which can take you directly to Middlesbrough City Centre (X10) or trains that will transport you to the beautiful Cathedral city of Durham for a nice day trip. Either way – if you’re ever bored of Newcastle (which I highly doubt you will be) there are many options for places to go for the day.

Geordies in Newcastle

Geordies always get a bad rep because of tv show Geordie Shore. However, Geordies are probably the nicest people I’ve come across! Us lot up North are usually pretty friendly anyway, but Geordies are even more so. If you’re ever lost in the city centre, I can guarantee any passing Geordie would willingly help you out if you asked!

All in all, Newcastle is a fantastic city to live in for students. Having lived here myself for the last three years, I can honestly say you never run out of things to do. Everything about the city is amazing. It’s cheap, and it’s friendly and a beautiful place to live.

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