Why Manchester is the best city for students

When you’re applying for university, you’re told to consider several things. Degree subject and course content are, of course, important. The value of a university’s standing in the league table… well, that’s debatable. Industry connections, postgraduate employment rates, work experience provision? Yeah, all good stuff to keep in mind, but there’s something that your sixth-form tutors might leave out.

If you’re talking about moving to a new town or city to study, it’s got to be the right place for you. You could be studying a great degree course, but if you hate your surroundings, then you’re not going to have a happy three years.

The solution? Manchester.

Simply put, Manchester is the greatest city in the world – if you ask a Mancunian, of course. I mean, we’d know! Seriously, though, Manchester really does offer something for every student – here are a few reasons why it might be worth picking the ‘Capital of the North’ for your uni life. (Sorry Newcastle.)

It’s well-connected

For a lot of students, the prospect of moving too far away from their home is daunting; particularly in the first year, many students will need support from family and friends, which is difficult when you’re based hours away from them. This can lead to a lot of people applying to the nearest uni, even if it’s not really the best fit for them.

Luckily for those who choose to study in Manchester, it’s never too difficult to get where you need to go. With multiple train and coach stations and even an airport, you can travel to practically anywhere from Manchester. There are budget coach options if you’re willing to take the extra time and save some cash, or trains for those who are in a rush. It’s even possible to get a few counties away by regular bus, with connections right across to the east coast. This means that students can choose to study in a bustling city without having to worry about how they’ll get home for the holidays/when they run out of cash (only joking… sort of).

There are multiple study options

Even if living in a good city is a priority for your uni choice, you’ll still want to make sure you’re somewhere that offers the right degree for you. If Manchester takes your fancy, you’re in luck – there are three major universities in and around the city centre that should, between them, give you more than enough options no matter what you’re looking to study. Manchester Metropolitan University offers a wide range of courses, the University of Manchester has a very high reputation for academia, and the University of Salford boasts an incredible media campus right next door to ITV and BBC at MediaCityUK. All of these are minutes away from the centre of town, so you’re really spoilt for choice!

There’s loads to do for fun

Whether you like clubs or gigs, cinema or theatre, art galleries or sports, the entertainment scene in Manchester has got you covered. The city is a major touring stop for bands, has several amazing art galleries of all sizes, and is home to every other pastime: from late-night bowling to foreign cinema clubs, and everything in between. The Lowry in Salford (just a short bus ride away) boasts the largest non-West End theatre stage in the country, and there are loads of great theatres in the city centre too. If you’re a sports fan… well, you will have heard of some of our teams.

Manchester’s nightlife is also full of variety, with clubs catering for every music taste possible. Midweek club nights are full of amazing deals and good vibes, with everything from deep house to metal, and artist-themed nights popular in the many great venues across town.

It’s small, but it’s got everything

Like every great city, Manchester excels at bringing people together from all walks of life. There is a massive creative arts scene, tonnes of nightlife and opportunities in almost every industry you could think of. But what does it have over a bigger city like, say, London? Everything’s really near everything else.

Without suffering from the lack of opportunities that a smaller uni town might face, Manchester city centre is easily travelled; whether on public transport or even on foot! You’ll never have to get multiple trains just to get from one side of the city to another for a gig, nor will you find yourself getting lost once you’ve been around for a couple of months. You have all the excitement of a big city, but without having to suffer the fate of London commuters, whose journeys on the tube are really not that fun at all.

Basically, Manchester has it all. This article doesn’t fully cover the amazing variety that makes up the city’s culture, but hopefully, there’s enough here that you’ll want to book an open day and come and have a look for yourself.

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