Why Birmingham is the best student city

Birmingham: the infamous old man who lives at the end of the street diverting curious eyes with a strong and whiney accent and an aesthetic that was used to imagine Tolkien’s Mordor – yes, that’s England’s second city, and here’s why it’s the absolute best!


In an era that is proudly carving the way towards widespread multiculturalism, progression manifests itself in cities that open their arms to what is different and look to learn from other walks of life. The uniquely diverse and culturally rich characteristics of Birmingham make it an incredible wholesome place to explore, with communities across hundreds of cultures that help to bring us all one step closer to unity. Step into Digbeth, and after 15 minutes of walking, you will have come across venues from heavy metal bars to Rastafari raves, underground gay village clubs to Chinatown casinos; whatever you want to explore, it’s here.


One truly under-hyped feature of Birmingham is its transport links. Say you’re in London; sure, you have access to travel anywhere locally and globally, but that means being sucked into a throng of tube-goers and commuters, forcing you to fly through the system with the speed of a gazelle. Well, if you’re like me, you’ll find the entire process cramped, stressful and expensive. What’s great about Birmingham is that you can travel to just as many places, again, locally and globally, at a much more simple and leisurely pace. The Midlands bus services are frequent and cheap, there is a multitude of train stations, including New Street, with links across the whole country. Or, to really save money, there is the National Express coach station, or the Megabus… if you dare.

University of Birmingham

Okay, so I’m slightly biased on this one… nevertheless, I felt I had to include UoB in this list because it truly has impressed me as a uni. Now ranked 79th in the whole world (a not-so-humble brag), UoB is an exemplary red brick university that has provided me with an astronomical amount of culture, fun and learning. There are societies for literally EVERYTHING, monthly farmer’s markets, religious weeks, music, art, performances; the whole place is a celebration of modern-day acceptance and creativity, and if you secure a place here, you should hold onto it tight!

Whatever brings you to Birmingham, hopefully, you will see that beyond its rather ‘common’ reputation, the city has a lot going for people of all kinds – just come and see.

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