The perks of being practically the only boy on your course

Studying English Literature at A-Level should have sparked pretty clear warning signs about what was to come at uni – it was such a female-dominated course. History, too, featured a 75/25 gender split, with the majority of students being girls. I didn’t account for either of these facts when deciding on my uni course. Not that that’s a bad thing. In fact, there were quite a few perks to being practically the only boy on my course. Here are the perks of being practically the only boy on your course…

As a Joint Honours English and History student, I can confidently argue that my degree programme is easily the most female-dominated course in the world. You take a look around any lecture theatre or seminar room on this course, and a sea of women will be there to greet you.

I can actually find my guy friends

It’s true that every lecture was stuffed with females. But occasionally, the few other lads on my course would roll out of bed and turn up, ready to learn. With most of the women there owning long, flowing locks and small frames, all I had to do was scout out the only other individual with short hair and a stocky frame in the room, and there he was.

Once I even left my phone at home and relied purely on my sight to find him. If that doesn’t prove how helpful having so many girls on your course is, I’m not sure what will.

The idea of pulling

For the straight cis males reading this, I’m sure you can relate. Being the only boy on your course should mean a lot more opportunities to find that lucky lass, right? Surely, on a night out, you’ll be bound to bump into somebody worth hooking up with, right? Plus, there’s less competition from other lads – if you’re all straight and on a course night out, you’re bound to end up with somebody…

… right?

Sure, that logic makes sense, but you also have to be good at pulling. Ladies won’t just fall into your hands unless you make an effort with them. Still, the odds of finding somebody are going to be far better if you’re the only lad on your course. Make the right moves, and you might just get lucky.

A new perspective

At school, most of my friends were guys because that’s just how things were done at that age. Girls were icky and gross. Plus, the threat of cooties was very real. Stick with your gender and play it safe.

Hopefully, by uni, you’ll have grown out of that phase. I certainly did, because most of my friends are now girls. That wasn’t out of choice – I just chatted to whoever I sat next to, and we became firm friends. That’s how it happens at uni and being the only boy on your course, I was far more likely to chat with girls than guys.

I thought that was fantastic. All my life, I’d been surrounded by male perspectives, but at uni I was able to listen to the other side of life. I’m positive that girls approach life in a vastly different way to guys, and that’s really helped with my personal development.

Plus, most guys project their masculinity to impress, well, everyone. Girls are just easier to chat to because you don’t need to cut through the overwhelming stench of testosterone to do so.

Being the only boy on your course was daunting, no doubt, but for the best – even if it didn’t help with my womanizing skills.

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