Why should you be thinking about clearing now?

Results day can be an emotional time, particularly if you’re coming to terms with not getting your grades and want to apply to another course through Clearing. If you feel that this could be you, it’s a really good idea to start thinking now about what you might do. Quite often, going to a university through Clearing is a blessing in disguise! Even if you get onto your first choice course, it could be worth looking at what’s available through Clearing (known as Adjustment when you exceed your offer) as there may be some options for courses you thought you wouldn’t be able to get onto before.

Entry requirements for some courses might be lowered

Although universities don’t want you to think this, they are determined to fill the seats for their courses so if there aren’t many students enrolled onto the course the entry requirements may be dropped through Clearing to allow people in. This may mean that you actually end up on a course with higher entry requirements than your first choice! It means that there are a lot more options available to you, so DON’T PANIC if your grades aren’t what you hoped for.

Research similar courses to yours

No two courses are the same, but it may be that there is an abundance of courses which have different names but are very similar in the content. If you’re worried your grades might not make the cut, do a little research on the UCAS and university websites for any degree courses that look like they cover similar themes and equally appeal to you in terms of location.

Clearing has the stigma of being a negative thing, but in fact, the majority of my friends got onto their courses through Clearing and are so pleased with where they are. The most stressful part is results day itself when you are madly researching similar courses and ringing to see if they’ve got space. Save yourself this hassle by doing your research before and having a few backup choices in mind should fate come to it.

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