Is Facebook dead?

It’s almost hard to remember a world without Facebook’s comforting presence. Launched in 2004, who knew then that the site would become such a leading social media force? Suddenly, MSN, Bebo, Myspace were all blown out the water – Facebook left its mark and all the other social media platforms seemed to die off. But lately, it seems like Facebook is losing this top spot among teenagers and young adults of our generation.

Now, Facebook has become more the platform for middle-aged people to post statuses that should really have been private messages, and for your grandparents to upload the same profile picture 12 times a year. To millennials, Facebook is definitely dying… it’s more for your aunt than your average Uni student. Sure, we’ll still scroll on it a couple of times a day maybe, but actually write a status? Are you kidding? The most useful thing we gain from it these days is not having to remember your friends’ birthdays.

Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have replaced Facebook in the section of our hearts that is reserved for social media (it’s a large chunk of it…). Even back in 2013, a study found that Facebook was “dying” and young people were only staying active on it to stay in touch with older relatives, who enjoyed seeing what they were up to.

However, despite saying this, Facebook is still technically the social network with the highest number of monthly active users. Last updated on 13th July 2018, it was found to have 2,200,000,000 members, with Instagram having just 800,000,000. The data doesn’t include age demographics, but without a doubt, Instagram is populated more by students and young adults.

And according to Time magazine, over 11 million young people have abandoned Facebook since 2011. The thing is, Facebook just doesn’t seem that relevant to young people anymore. From my own experience and from my asking peers, we are more interested in using our mobile phones to stay in touch with friends in more private ways; whether that is sharing a photo on Instagram, sending an ugly selfie on Snapchat, or staying in touch via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. Sure, we might keep our Facebook account updated and upload a couple of pics to our “Uni” photo album now and then to please our Mums and Aunties – but really, I think it’s safe to say that Facebook is dying.

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