4 rules for packing for uni

Happy Results Day! Now that you’re in, it’s tempting to stalk Youtube uni hauls and dredge up every last ‘what you need for uni’ list on the internet before you start. But you don’t have to believe everything you read. It can be daunting and almost nauseating to see how much you ‘need’ to spend and pack… but you don’t ‘need’ to spend or pack as much as you might think, here are 4 rules for packing for uni:

1. Leave the printer behind

Save money (and car space – they take up loads of room!) by leaving a printer out of your uni haul. They’re expensive, and then you’ve got to buy paper and ink – which is incredibly expensive – on top of that. Yeah, it’s convenient and nice to have a printer in your room, but if you’re looking to save money and car space, it’s not a necessity.

Just pop into uni and use your printer credits whenever you need to print something – and tbh, you’ll be in uni a lot anyway, so you’ll rarely have to go out of your way to go in just to print something.

2. Forget your TV

If you watch a lot of TV at home – or even if you don’t – it can seem a bit alien to move into halls without one. But you definitely don’t need one – or every last DVD you’ve owned since 2005. If you’re dying to watch something, you can usually watch anything on your laptop via catch up or live stream.

Maybe invest in Netflix/Amazon Prime instead of a whole TV – but you’ll often be so busy at uni you’ll hardly have time for telly. You’ll likely have a TV in your second-year house anyway, so grit your teeth and bear it for just one year. Also, you’ll likely have minimal storage space, so bulky DVDs will just clutter up your room. Again, car space/suitcase space needs to be prioritised, so leave behind anything that isn’t 100% necessary.

3. Think about what you can get there!

Get to uni early then head into town! You may want to get organised and buy lots beforehand – and, don’t get me wrong, you’ll need to buy some of these things – but if you just keep your purchases to the bare minimum, you can buy some extra things once you’re in your new home.

Things like kitchen utensils, room accessories, and cleaning supplies won’t be needed from the second you move into halls – so save room in your car or case by stocking up only once you arrive.

4. DO NOT buy a whole new wardrobe

You might want to invest in a coat if you’re going up north, but that’s it. Don’t feel the need to reinvent yourself or dress out of your comfort zone. I thought I’d need loads of ‘going out clothes’ but as it happens, most nights out at uni are generally chilled – girls, think ‘jeans and a nice top’. You can probably even leave your heels at home, they’re a nightmare to pack anyway! And boys, anything that’s not a football shirt or on it’s third wear is probably fine.

But stick to your fashion staples and forget about forking out £££s on Depop – you’ll end up poor AND looking like a massive try hard. Save yourself the money! Adopting a minimalist approach and habit will benefit you immensely in the long-run.

Plus, once you’re at uni, you’ll likely suss out where to get the best bargains and head to a few vintage sales at the union, second-hand novels are always a thoughtful thing to own and share, so you’re better off waiting for those instead of packing and buying loads in advance.

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