Everyone you’ll meet during Freshers’ Week

Now that you’ve got your results, Freshers is fast approaching. If you’re starting university in September/October then Freshers’ Week will be where you learn lots about your University and the people around you. You’ll meet loads of different people, and there are bound to be a few from the ones listed below who you will encounter. What kind of fresher are you? And which ones will you meet?

The Party Animal

This is what the stereotypical fresher is based on. This person will be out every night, nursing a hangover the next morning/afternoon, and then off out partying again. They may stay like this for the remainder of the year, or they may become highly domesticated once that first week is over; it can be difficult to predict. A person who loves a party can be great fun to be around as they tend to be able to create a party wherever they go.

The Shy One

Freshers’ Week can be a little overwhelming for a shy person. It is socially intense, requires a lot of organisation to get to events, all on top of living with new people and trying to make friends. I knew someone who didn’t come out of their room for the first few days of Freshers, and now they are the life of the flat, so sometimes it can take a shy person just a little longer to get to know you. If you meet someone who’s shy you might have to be the more assertive one in starting conversations at first, but I’m sure they will come out of their shell!

The Cool Cucumber

Sometimes this person can seem not to care, and perhaps come across as very confident. They don’t seem to mind what they do during Freshers as long as they have a good time. I found this type of fresher will go along with what the group does, and may even go for a little wander by themselves. Chill people are a great addition to a group, as there is very little expectation from them on what the group does.

The Freebie Queen/King

I myself am a self-professed freebie hunter, and Freshers is like Christmas for us! At first, I was a little apprehensive to show this side of myself in case my flat didn’t understand, but I need not have feared. This kind of person will relish Freshers as there will be loads of companies handing out free food and products on campus (at mine there was Greggs, Domino’s and someone was giving out toothpaste – the three essentials for a student!). Savour this freebie heaven; it only happens once a year!

The Societies Hunter

This person will be going to all the society taster sessions. If you get a sneak peek at their calendar, it will probably be filled with copious dates and times for societies spanning from Rowing to Physics. Ultimately, this kind of fresher can seem a bit intimidating at first, as they seem to have their life together. You may also see very little of them. However, these people are great if you need information about event times, to go to taster sessions with and perhaps ask their opinion of a certain society. I hung out with a few of these people during Freshers as it was easy to find things to talk about while we did new activities together.

Freshers’ Week is perhaps the strangest week of your university life, and I don’t believe anything will ever live up to it. Whether you like to party or have a bit of quiet time, you will always find things to do and people to do them with. You will undoubtedly meet people who you will stay friends with for the rest of your time at university (and hopefully beyond), as well as people who you hang out with that week and then never again. Most importantly: be yourself, and that way I can’t see how you can go wrong.

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