The best houseplants to have in your uni room

Uni halls often forbid loads of things which would make your room seem homelier: candles, fairy lights, even posters. While most students disregard the rules you can still make your room look appealing without breaking them, just check your contract because each halls company/uni is different. Plants are the answer to livening up any room: and here are best houseplants to have in your uni room:

A cheese plant

As a general rule – it’s good to have two large/medium plants in your room and then as many little ones as you like, so as not to break the bank or neglect to care for too many big plants. A cheese plant is a great ‘big’ plant to get and look after, as their huge leaves add a lot of colour and texture to any room, and they’re pretty straightforward to look after. Water them once a week and keep them in a relatively sunny space in your room for best results.

A parlour palm

Another great plant to have, as they can grow quite tall. Maximising the colour and liveliness while minimising the amount of space needed, they tend to grow up rather than sideways. A fast grower too, be prepared to re-pot them if needed. Also, remember to water the plant regularly – the soil should always be moist – and take care not to put them in direct sunlight. That said, They’re also great for air purification, so what’s not to love?


Everyone loves succulents – cheap, cheerful, and small, they add a pop of colour to any room. Easy to place on a desk or windowsill, succulents are even easier to look after – rarely needing water and thriving even when there’s little sunlight. Best of all – they’re insanely cheap, and you can get them nearly anywhere. Next time scope out your local Wilko’s and see if you can get some for under £1 each.


Perfect houseplants to have in your uni room are cheap and easy to look after., only needing minimal water and little sunlight, they’re perfect for brightening up a room; introducing the Cactae. You can cop cute little packs of three from IKEA or Homebase, or just keep your eyes peeled in supermarkets for individual pots.


These look impressive but again are so easy to look after. Pop a branch in a vase filled halfway with water and leave them in the sunlight and you’re sorted! If you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite, pop them in there to add a bit of colour to the bathroom, as they thrive on humidity. You can get creative with the vase you pick if you really want to add some colour or pattern to the room or keep it simple and classy with a transparent one. They’re also said to be lucky plants – so maybe doubly worth investing in one!

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