Your Freshers’ Week in GIFs

You probably spent the whole summer building up to this: move-in day, all the essentials and Freshers’ Week.

Now it’s come along, you get a sudden rush of nerves and shyness. The first few minutes of Freshers’ will probably be spent hiding in your little room surrounded by boxes, working up the courage to go greet your new flatmates…

nervous kermit

Within a few hours, your nerves are soothed and you’ve made new besties with your hall mates. Suddenly, the real rush of what’s happening hits you…you’re at Uni!

new pals

The first few days are a blur. Everything is exciting, a little bit scary, but so. Much. Fun. You spend quite a bit of your time lost though, looking for the right induction room or trying to find the Freshers’ fair stall you were desperate to get to. You don’t really know what on earth you’re doing most of the time, but you share this feeling with all your new pals, which makes it all okay…

carried away

Of course, you have to go to all the sports fairs, society fairs, you name it. You get a little carried away, and end up signing up to about 15 different societies you’ll likely never actually attend…

opportunity to drink

And of course, a large part of the week is insisting that there is always an opportunity to drink…

drunk bonding experience

Which leads to the ultimate drunk, end-of-the-night bonding experience with your new Uni friends, meaning you’ll wonder why you ever worried you wouldn’t make any new friends…

new friends

And the rest of the week? Well, thanks to the fact that there is always free Domino’s pizza at every Freshers’ event, your hungover days are pretty much spent like this…

free Domino’s pizza

And by the end of the week, you’ll be exhausted – non-stop partying, meeting new people, and going to new places is tiring business.


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