10 items everyone forgets to bring to uni

Everyone remembers bedding, a laptop, a phone charger… but while you’re getting het up about not forgetting any of the big stuff, you can become quite susceptible to forgetting some of the smaller stuff. Here are 10 items everyone forgets to bring to uni:


You may not think you need slippers, but once you have a fateful trip into the kitchen and step in some questionable substance on the floor, you’ll regret leaving slippers behind. Aside from keeping your feet nice and toasty in the winter, they’re perfect for slipping on to nip to the kitchen, loo, or even down the corridor.

A door wedge

Technically a fire hazard, but on moving-in day you’ll likely want your door open so you can heave things into your room as easily as possible. Also, during Freshers’ Week, it’s common for doors to be left open so that your flatmates can drop in on you and break the ice. In any case – door wedges are useful, so bring up at least one.


Again, you may think you don’t need them, but you’ll think again when you’re being forced to listen to pre-drinks going well past midnight and you have a 9 am the next morning. Halls can be great fun, but they can also be a nightmare – earplugs are one way of making the nightmarish parts a smidge more bearable.

An extension cable

You may be lucky and be assigned a room with an abundance of plug sockets, but most will only come with the bare minimum, often with one or two in awkward places. An extension cable is essential – you’ll need to plug in your laptop and phone charger pretty much all the time, and then still have room for things like a lamp, a hairdryer, speakers… so it’s better to be safe than sorry and remember your extension cable. Even if it’s just so you can make your laptop charger reach your bed.


Often missed off stationery lists and dismissed as non-essential, staplers have saved my life at uni! You’ll often end up with loads of bits of paper from lectures and seminars, so staplers will help you stay organised. Even if your filing system is as basic as ‘shoving loose bits into the back of a textbook’, stapling bits from the same lecture or seminar together will save your life when it comes to revision.

Oven gloves

An item everyone forgets to bring to uni. You’ll try and make do with wrapping a tea towel around your hand, but three burn blisters later and you’ll curse yourself for forgetting oven gloves. As well as being useful they also keep you safe! Even if you don’t think you’ll use the oven very much, they’re handy and essential when it comes to handling any hot plates or bowls, so make sure you don’t forget to grab a pair.


No matter what you think – you will get Freshers’ flu. It’s been two years and I still know I’m going to get it this September no matter what I do. Plenty of rest and fluids will ultimately clear it up, but Lemsip will help you every step of the way. You’re a student – I doubt you’ll be able to care for your ill self as well as your mother can – so Lemsip is a great easy way to nurse yourself back to health.

Clothes hangers

So easy to forget, but essential for clothes storage. A good way to remember them is to pack clothes directly from your wardrobe with them still on the hanger – just fold them carefully and it’ll save you a lot of time when you unpack at uni. But if you’re taking clothes hangers separately, remember to take more than you think you need, and all different varieties too, in case you need to hang up skirts, trousers, or bulky coats.

A bottle opener

Your laddish flatmate will insist that he can open bottles with his teeth, but when you’re in A&E at 11 pm because that same laddish flatmate has chipped a tooth, you’ll wish you had just bought a bottle opener. Cheap as chips, you’ve no excuse not to bring one along to uni. It’ll be super handy in the summer when you’re cracking open cold ones, so save yourself the broken teeth and invest. Bring a few, you can always give some away to your alcohol loving as a make-shift secret Santa present for your flatmate.

A sleeping bag

If you’re not lucky enough to have a double bed, having friends to stay will mean you either cram yourselves into a single, or one of you slums it on the floor – and hopefully in a sleeping bag if you’ve remembered to bring one! Also handy for when you come to visit friends yourself, a sleeping bag is an easily-missed uni essential.

You may think you have everything but you’ll never truly be prepared for uni. We at Campus will do the best we can to help you with this. Why not check out our alternative list for what you need to prepare you for uni.

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