What NOT to do during Freshers Week

You’ve probably seen loads of Freshers bucket lists, guides to Freshers events, things to do during Freshers… but what about what not to do?

Don’t skip the Freshers’ fair

Some people assume it’ll be boring and pointless, but the reality is far from it! Societies are essential when it comes to making friends and getting involved at uni – so you really ought to scout out which ones you’re interested in at the fair. It’ll all be non-committal at this stage, so you can pop down your email for as many things as you want and have a think about what you might take up at a later date. You can often pick up loads of freebies at the fair too – pens, condoms, pizza, you name it – so it’s well worth going.

Don’t blow all your loan on takeaways

Takeaways are far more expensive than you realise – often ordering one equates to a week’s worth of food in a routine grocery shop. If you’re ordering every day of Freshers, you’re going to be struggling for weeks after. Cooking can be fun and is often healthier than a takeaway, so shake off the hangover and get in the kitchen. If you’re not used to cooking, check out these 4 easy recipes.

Don’t sleep with your flatmate!

It’s obvious and always repeated – but don’t do it in Freshers! Some people think a flatmate is a no-go all year round, but once you’ve got to know them and if the sparks are flying – why not? But before you know them in Freshers, it’s best to keep the sex at bay. While a one night stand with anyone else might occur in Freshers’ Week, you’ll likely never see them again – but if your flatmate leaves a sour taste in your mouth, there’ll be nowhere to hide.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not

Sounds simple, but is oh so essential. I would say ‘remember you’re making first impressions’, but actually, trying to forget that fact might be better advice. You don’t have to falsify your behaviour, looks, political views. A lot of freshers presume that unis are full of certain types of people and that they’ll need to ‘fit in’, but the reality is hugely different. Uni is full of all sorts of people – you’ll doubtless find your place.

Don’t shut yourself in your room

It may be tempting if you get overwhelmed in social settings, but don’t spend hours upon hours cooped up in your room. Catch up on sleep and have some alone time, by all means, but if everyone’s in the kitchen having a cuppa, go and join in! Even if it seems daunting or overwhelming, you’ll be glad you did it in the long run.

Do what you will with your Fresher year but if you follow these simple student commandments you’ll set yourself up for a glorious time at uni.

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