So, you got rejected by your firm uni…

Success stories often plaster the news and social media post-results day, with special emphasis thrown onto anyone who’s got into their dream uni. It can leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth if you’re accepting a place in Clearing or an insurance choice, but you shouldn’t feel so glum. Getting rejected by your firm uni, it happens to the best of us:

Talk to people!

Loads of people are in the same position every year, so open up if you feel like talking about it. You can talk to people in your own year, the year above, teachers, parents, friends, Campus Society members… there are so many options that there’s no reason to bottle everything up. You are allowed to feel sad and disappointed if you get rejected by your firm uni – everyone has their own goals, and it’s only natural to feel a bit down if you’ve not met them.

People will be understanding and comforting if you open up, and hopefully verbalising your feelings will be the first step to dealing with them. Talk to other people who got rejected by their firm uni, you’ll be surprised how many went on to be just as happy with their other choices.

Focus on where you’re going next!

If you’ve accepted an insurance offer or gone through Clearing, take a look at where you’re going now and get excited about it! It may be hard to realise, but other cities have loads of things which your old firm uni won’t have – just as it works vice versa. Every uni and every city is unique and different, so look for the positives in your new place.

There’s always postgraduate study

I’m currently looking into studying MA Renaissance Literature at Cambridge – my original first choice university – and I feel a lot better about applying this time around. If I get rejected, I have the option to continue studying at another uni, or get a grad job, or do something else! Generally, this time I feel calmer and more confident about the whole process – and so will you.

Having a few years to think about it will also put your dreams into perspective – did you really want to go there for the right reasons? Do you still want to go there after three years of undergraduate study? Applying to your original choice of uni for a postgrad will ensure that you’re 200% certain you want to go there – so don’t rule out postgraduate study for a second chance.

Honestly – a degree is a degree

Okay, your firm uni may have had a slightly better course or reputation or vibe – but you only ever rarely hear of people dropping out or hating their uni. You’re there to have a good time and get a degree, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where you end up – it’s more about what you put into it and get out of it. Remind yourself that at least you’re still going to uni and getting a degree, that’s the important bit! Plus, you may fall in love with your new uni more than you ever thought possible, so give it a shot and throw yourself into your new life rather than dragging your heels about it.

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