Shift your shit: The expert’s guide to Depop

When you’re tidying your floor-drobe, you might find some clothes that you just don’t want anymore, and if you’re strapped for cash selling things on Depop can be a great way to earn some money. Here’s how to maximise your potential when it comes to selling things online.

1. Take well-lit pictures

No one’s going to buy something if they can’t see what it is! Make sure you take lots of pictures in a well-lit setting – preferably using natural light. Experiment and see where the best lighting in your house is – it may even be the case that you end up taking pictures outside! If it’s a patterned or textured item, take close-ups of the fabric, as well as any close-ups of any imperfections. You’re more likely to sell items if you’re transparent and honest with buyers as opposed to receiving loads of 1-star reviews because the buyers didn’t get what they were expecting.

2. Model!

Sometimes it’s best actually to put the clothes on yourself and model them! Again, keep lighting in mind for this, as you still want the clothes to be easily visible. If you’re lazy or can’t seem to get a good picture, have a look through any old snaps – have you got any of you wearing them? If so, whack them on. Another good idea is to find original pictures from the brand you bought it from – that way the pictures are guaranteed to be good!

3. Be reasonable

Depop is predominantly for second-hand clothes – so don’t try and earn back what you paid for the item if you bought it new. Even if it’s brand new with tags, it’s optimistic to try to sell for the same price. Imagine if you were in that position – why wouldn’t you buy it first-hand if it was the same price anyway? Think about what you’d realistically pay for the item. If you’re going to try and push the limit a bit, make sure you state that you’re open to offers – and be open-minded with them! Obviously, don’t give away what you deem to be a good quality piece of clothing for peanuts, but if someone wants a £12 item for £10, consider it. £10 for a sale is better than £0 for no sale at the end of the day!

4. If you wouldn’t wear it, don’t try and sell it

If you’re doing a clear out, don’t just chuck everything you don’t want on Depop. Sort things into two piles: a throw/charity shop pile, and a Depop pile. Realistically, is anyone going to want that neon top from New Look you’ve had since you were 12? Not really. But a formal dress you wore once but you’ll never wear again? That’s more likely to sell. Don’t try and flog loads of little worthless pieces for £2 or £3 – by the time you’ve paid for postage, you’ll be left with basically nothing. Instead, focus on selling fewer items for higher prices.

5. Keep it consistent

If you’re selling clothes and accessories, stick to that. While of course, it’s okay also to try and sell the odd phone case or home décor piece – make sure you keep it consistent. While you don’t need to create a sophisticated ‘brand’, sellers may return to you if they like the kinds of things you’re selling, so don’t put anyone off or confuse anyone by listing a gorgeous jacket next to some half-used makeup product.

6. Be patient

It may take a while to get the ball rolling, but persevere! Don’t get frustrated, have patience – continue to upload items as they become available to you and chop and change your stock as you please. Keep it fresh, keep it updated, and eventually, you’ll be bound to get some sales.

Serena Smith

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