Why first years should go for committee positions

Having a committee position in a society you love is something truly special – it’s fulfilling AND fun, so here’s why you should get stuck in!

It doesn’t matter what year you’re in!

A common misconception is that all societies are run by intimidating third years – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Joining a society’s committee is a great way to meet friends from across all year groups – including first years! Some (arguably most) societies have AGMs and switch up the committee in about March, so even if you’re a Fresher, don’t think you can’t join in this year! Some societies may even have openings earlier than March if there are vacancies or someone steps down from their role, meaning you may be able to get involved as early as September! So don’t rule anything out if you’re a first year.

It looks good on your CV

Isn’t this just motivation to do anything at this point? Whether you’re the president or a minor secretary, it all counts. Aside from being able to bung it down on your CV, being part of a society can often give you valuable experience! Depending on your role, you could end up with experience organising events, managing a team, or providing welfare support.

You’ll make friends quickly

You’ll make friends easily with those in the society, and if you’re on the committee it’ll be part of your job to be friendly and welcoming, pretty much. But you’ll also likely make best buds with the rest of the committee themselves. You’ll all have a shared passion for your society (one would hope!), and you’ll quickly make memories as you host and go to different events together.

It’s good for your confidence!

My confidence has never been great, but working on a committee has really boosted it. I’ve been supported where I struggled, and when I pulled off organising a good event, the payoff was amazing! Even if you think you won’t be good enough, or you won’t have a chance of getting voted in – go for it anyway! You may surprise yourself.

It’s also just good fun

You’ll go to all the socials, on all the trips, and all with a group of what will soon become your closest friends. Honestly, it’s worth it just for the fun of it. You’d be surprised by how fun the meetings themselves can be – especially if your meetings are at the pub! So don’t be afraid – get stuck in, you won’t regret it.

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