A Fresher’s guide to NTU

Welcome to the Trent Army! You may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but we’ve got your back. Here’s the lowdown of everything you’ll need to know as a fresher at Trent:


On Campus: Although there’s a Wetherspoon’s up the road, I would recommend going to one of the uni’s Taste cafes. The Taste cafe next to the Global Lounge is a favourite for breakfast – they do a fry-up in a box with a coffee for £3.00, and it’s super tasty. Lunch-wise, the Taste cafe on the bottom floor of the Newton building do Subway-esque sandwiches with proper baguette bread that are absolutely massive for £3.50. Get that round your chops.

Off Campus: You are quite blessed as a Trent student to have the whole city centre next to the campus, so you’ve got loads of options for food. I’d recommend local independent the Ugly Bread Bakery, which has two locations; one just next to the campus and one in Hockley. Their pizzas are freshly made, and you can get a student lunch with pizza, side, and a drink for £6.50. If you’re broke, The Avenues Cafe in Sneinton will give you all the cheap grease, and it’s got a cool atmosphere too.


Where everyone goes: In Freshers’ Week, you’ll likely find yourself in at least one of these; Pryzm, Pom Pom, Rock City, SU. They’re all great as they cater to multiple music tastes, but Pryzm offers the most in terms of variety (you NEED to get down to the cheesy disco room). Rock City is the best for an authentic taste of Nottingham, but just remember to wear your dingiest pair of trainers as the sticky floors will ruin a nice pair of shoes.

A bit different: The Bodega is a little bit out of the city centre, towards Hockley, but it’s worth the slight trek. Local bands often play there when they’re starting out, so it’s perfect for checking out the music scene. Coco Tang also serves incredible cocktails, which you can sip classily under their Instagramable fairy lights before you hit the dancefloor.


Once you’ve found a group of mates, I’d make it a priority to sort out your second-year house as soon as possible. Places get snapped up in Notts quickly, so you have to start looking around October time in order to get the best deal. Most Trent students live up Forest Fields as the university is just down the tram line, but it’s worth scouring the City Centre for flats too. The Student Union provide a free housing contract check, which is worth doing so you don’t get mugged off by dodgy letting agents.

Student Services

Both the university and the SU are brilliant at giving all kinds of support, so if you go on their websites you’ll be able to find useful resources, as well as information on helplines and also setting up meetings if you want to talk to someone face-to-face. Oh, and the SU occasionally bring in cute animals to help you de-stress. Just wait until you meet Jimmy Chipolata.


Most things are within walking distance, but if you are feeling tired or want to get out of town, the tram service is just £2.50 for a day return for students. Nottingham Cars are good for getting from campus to campus, as the SU have set up a special rate with them for students. Ubers are also aplenty, but if you like a traditional taxi, My Taxi has just started up in the city. Use promo code eve.s for a free £15 voucher.

If you have any questions or just want a chat, send me a message!

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