A Fresher’s guide to the University of Liverpool

So, you’re coming to the University of Liverpool! To be honest, you’ll love it here – there is so much to do! In order to help you feel more at ease, here are a few key things to make you more confident of what’s what in this beautiful city.


One of the best things about Liverpool nightlife is that there is something for everyone, and most places in Concert Square (the main clubbing square in town where most nights end at McCooley’s) have free entry! One major thing you might be wanting to know is which clubs are worth spending money on, and which are the ones people simply do not go to.

McCooley’s: an Irish pub with pool tables and a dancefloor, plays the classics from Beyonce’s Crazy in Love to The Proclaimer’s 500 Miles. You can never have a bad night there.

Level: This is the typical chart music and cheesy hits club set on three different floors to give everyone something to enjoy. However, you have to pay for entry, and people will rarely agree to go with you – honestly, my friends will only go if I pay for their entry and even then I’m not desperate enough…

Krazyhouse: A few of the Freshers’ Week wristbands include entry to Krazyhouse but it is just not worth it. Seriously. Usually, the only good thing about going is when they have candyfloss machines! But at the end of the day, it is a less busy version of Level that no-one returns to after Freshers.

Faculty: A small room of chart music with free entry, and basically is where people go to get £6 Quad-Vods with VK. Warning: Do not ever have two of these drinks in a night, as they are made to positively ruin you.

The Baltic Triangle: These clubs are all found in Concert Square, however, there are many more in the warehouses of the Baltic Triangle and have some amazing themed nights. The music genre in this area is less chart music and more Drum and Bass, with events occurring weekly – it’s worth the taxi fare if this takes your fancy.

Quirky cafes

All things quirky are on Bold Street, central Liverpool. This ranges from a cat café to the Moroccan restaurant Kasbah’s which provides each diner with a fez, to a gorgeous café Leaf – perfect for taking the parents to when they visit.

For a great coffee, 92 Degrees is the place to go. It is cosy and in an ideal location for taking new friends to as it is just moments from the south campus. You will find many independent coffee shops in Liverpool so don’t just stick to the usual Starbucks or Costa.

Bus routes

Coming here from the South, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the buses in Liverpool are cheap, and it’s wonderful. Whether you are out in halls in Greenbank/Carnatic or living in Kensington, there are plenty of buses to help you get around. From the halls, there is a university-run 699 bus that runs until 11 pm both to campus and into town. The Guild of Students is currently offering £50 off the price of a year bus pass if you buy it through the University – worth it if you live off-campus and need to go to lectures most days. The 86 is the other bus that will drop you off at the bottom of south campus.


In the second and third years, many students live in the Smithdown area as it is close to Sefton Park and Asda, as well as being on the bus route of the 699 and the 86. An alternative is to live in the Kensington area. Kenny is close to the university at the north campus, meaning most students walk in. There is a McDonald’s and a Lidl, as well as Newsham Park if you need to take a study break and stretch your legs. If you need to get a bus then there are many options – the 10A/B, 9 and 8 will all take you into Liverpool city centre via the hospital, which is next door to the university and handy for medicine students.

I hope you come to love Liverpool as much as I have – have a fantastic Freshers and enjoy the city!

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