7 original and cheap Halloween costumes

Last year, the streets were jam-packed with Harley-Quinn and the Joker, amongst all the other classic Halloween costumes: cat, dead schoolgirl, rabbit, dead schoolboy, mouse (duh), a ‘dead’ anything, really.

This year you want to stand out, but let’s be honest, there seems to be a leak in your bank account as your student loan is escaping faster than I can run away from a creepy clown. Here are a few little pointers to get you inspired for that all-important Halloween house party.

1. RingMaster

After the release of ‘The Greatest Showman,’ the spotlight has returned to circuses. What better to way to honour the incredible Hugh Jackman than to impersonate him for a night? If you can find a red blazer (bonus points if it has tails), a bowtie and some form of black trousers you’re pretty much there. Top your Halloween costume off with a top hat and cane for added pizzazz.

2. Bat

All you need for this one is black fabric (try your local market or even use an old bed sheet), scissors and a needle and thread. The bat wings are so simple to make, even Donald Trump could probably manage it. There’s a super simple set of instructions here. Add a pair of black triangular ears and maybe some fangs and you’re ready to fly into Halloween night, hang by your feet and do whatever else it is that bats do.

3. Queen of Hearts

A personal favourite of mine, channel your inner Helena Bonham Carter with a white painted face, heart-shaped lips, big hair and a grandiose gown. You might have to spend a little to get the right style of dress – we’re talking corset, puffy skirt and hearts all over, but the end effect will be worth it. Or make a collar from a deck of cards and you won’t have to worry as much about the dress. Either way, you shall go to the ball (wrong Disney movie, sorry!).

4. Pig in Blanket

For those of us with seemingly no internal heating system, this Halloween costume was made for us! It’s as simple as buying or making a pair of pigs ears and wrapping yourself in a blanket. Brownie points for anyone who also opts to wear the snout, you deserve an extra wrapping of bacon around you. (No animals were harmed during the creation of this costume so it’s also suitable for vegans).

5. Mad Scientist

Find a cheap lab coat online or in your local charity shop and splatter it with red paint and maybe a few burn marks. Then all you have to do is backcomb your hair until the thought of brushing it is less appealing than eating gravy on bananas for breakfast. If you’ve got a geeky pair of specs lying around, your outfit is complete.

6. Zom-bee

What a punny idea! Dress up as a dead bee, or a ‘zom-bee’ as they’re more commonly known. Pick up a cheap pair of yellow and black striped tights/socks and wiggle them on with some yellow and black clothing, which I’m sure you can dig out from the depths of your floordrobe and voila! A hilariously terrifying original Halloween costume.

7. Ghost

Bedsheet, paint on a couple of big black eyes and throw on over your head. Jobs a good ‘un. Boo.

Megan Rigby

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