How to throw a bangin’ Halloween party

Ahh yes, Halloween…. As Cady from Mean Girls says, “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it.” (Not that we should be policing women’s bodies anyway – 2004 was a long time ago). Here are a few tips to throwing the best Halloween party around that will be talked about for many years to come:


Of course, your student digs/halls/flat/house has to look the part. A really good way to completely vamp up your place is to buy fake cobwebs and literally throw them all over the place: stick them up on the ceiling and line them along the walls. Not only will this give your humble abode a small layer of protection from its crazy occupants, but it will immediately create a spooky feel and look like you put so much effort in!

99p shops and Poundland are great for getting cheap decor that doesn’t matter if it gets trashed throughout the night: think pumpkin paper cups, tablecloths and mini lanterns. Even better if they’re biodegradable.


Of course, music is one of the key points that can make or break the night. Unsurprisingly, Spotify has some Halloween-themed playlists for your disposal, but if there are any classics you are determined to get in, make up your own playlist (be sure to get MJ’s ‘Thriller’ in there).

If you’re feeling brave and trust your friends’ music taste, make it a shared playlist to get other people to pop their songs on. That way, everyone gets a chance to have music they like, and you can always delete any songs that don’t fit your vibe beforehand if necessary!

Drinks and snacks

Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. To make drinks looks exciting, simply buy some green/red/blue food colouring and put a couple of drops in to create ghoulish cocktails. Blue Curacao and orange juice make a sweet green colour. Melon liquor is also a good one.

Food-wise, depending on how much food you want and effort you can put in, the options range from cute spider cupcakes, bloody tomato pizza and amputated finger hot-dogs. Hmm, tasty…


On the event, make sure to specify costumes or if there is a theme. People like to get creative so give them lots of time to plan and make (or buy) their costumes.


Typical party games can be given a Halloween twist: drink every time a scary moment happens in a spooky film going on in one room; beer pong using a fake eyeball instead of a ping-pong ball; mummy wrap (get into teams and have a competition to see who can wrap one person up the best using toilet roll)… the list goes on, feel free to get creative!


An important thing to note is to make sure you have enough space for all of your guests! People won’t enjoy being cramped in a room with no space to move around and dance if there are too many people, or if space is taken up with decorations.

Imogen Byers

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