5 things to do for a sober Halloween

Halloween used to be so simple – purely about how many sweets you could eat before you felt sick – but now? Most seem to favour going out on the lash or to huge house parties. Here’s what you can do if you’re not feeling up to it this year, or if drinking isn’t your style:

1. Movie time!

Whether you want something kind of cutesy – think ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ – or you’re trying not to sleep for a month – more ‘The Woman In Black’ – pick one of these films (or even a couple!) to suit your mood and your Halloween night will be sorted. Even a classic Harry Potter film can fill your Halloween-y cravings, or if you’re feeling up to it, watch the whole series! A movie marathon on Halloween? What more could you want!

N.B. – I don’t blame you if you get so cosy under the blankets that you neglect to open the door for any trick-or-treaters. Sober Halloween doesn’t oblige you to join in.

2. Bake something spooky

Whether you want to do an ambitious Halloween-coloured rainbow cake or some simple cupcakes that you can decorate in a spooky style, there’s loads of fun to be had in baking. You can bake with your mates or challenge yourself by going it alone, but whatever you choose, you’ll be ecstatic when all your hard work pays off at the end. Try to savour whatever sweet treat you make… but you’ll be forgiven for scoffing the lot in one go.

3. Decorate your house and stock up for any potential trick-or-treaters

Pumpkin carving is litty!!! A great activity with friends or alone, you can go for a simple jack-o-lantern or really get creative with your design. Or, if you’re short on time, make your own decorations! It’s surprising how far paper and scissors can take you, so why don’t you make some Halloween-themed paper chains? Kit your house out ready for tonight and you’ll be a sight for sore eyes for any trick-or-treaters out there. Just don’t forget the sweets!

4. Whip out the board games

Board games are loads of fun, so whether Monopoly is your thing or you’re more of Cluedo person, find your game(s) of choice, put the kettle on, and settle in for a night of sober Halloween fun. And even if you haven’t played a single game since you were 7, give it a go again and take a trip down memory lane.

5. Order a takeaway

Not feeling up to anything, really? I feel you. I for one will not judge you if you opt for a gigantic pepperoni pizza and Netflix (I hear The Haunting of Hill House is a particularly scary watch). In fact, I’d salute you.

Serena Smith

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