It’s never too early to get in the Christmas spirit

Yes, it’s ages away, and it’s that time of year when people often titter and shake their heads at the abundance of Christmassy stuff in the shops. ‘Christmas spirit’ seems to be lost on them. “It’s still Autumn!” they say, “We’ve only just had bonfire night.” But I’ve never been one of those people – and tbh, I don’t get those people. What’s not to love about CHRISTMAS???

Christmas films

Love Actually? Harry Potter? Elf? Literally any early-2000s film being shown in the evening on ITV? Yes, please. What is it about Christmas films that makes them so heart-warming and wholesome? I don’t know, but the nostalgia that any remotely Christmassy film inspires in me is enough to make me love Christmas, tbh. It doesn’t even need to be a Christmassy film – maybe there’s just something in general about the cosiness and familiarity of snuggling up in the evenings to watch a movie instead of hitting the town (for once) that’s good for the soul. And now it’s getting FREEZING I’ll take a night in with baby Daniel Radcliffe over the sesh, thanks.


Okay, Christmas shopping can get stressful, but when you’re someone like me who’s always ready for the Christmas season, shopping in the festive period can be oh-so-fun. Have you SEEN Primark recently? Does anyone NOT get excited by the millions of cinnamon-scented candles they have? Or their glittery baubles? Plus, thinking about Christmas early af means your Secret Santa and loved ones always get the best presents – having thought about their pressies since October, it means there’s no mad rush on December 22nd to find literally anything to give them (is an eco cup a present?). So, getting prematurely into the Christmas spirit actually has its perks.

Hot chocolate

And hot drinks in general, tbf. Costa is going to be bringing out their festive drinks any time now and personally, and I can’t WAIT!!! Black Forest Gateau Hot Chocolates and Gingerbread Lattes? Yes, please. Also, call me a basic Fiat 500 bitch, but any drink that smells cinnamon-y is a yes from me. Speciality drinks aside, is there anything better than taking a break from Christmas shopping with a hot drink – even if it’s a plain old cuppa? Nope, didn’t think so. The Christmas spirit just makes hot drinks x99999 times better, even if it’s just a cup of joe.


Need I say more? Yeah, Christmas dinners are just a treat reserved for the main day really – but if you think about it, Christmas food is a thing that goes on for ages. You’re probably going to have a uni/work/school/etc. dinner at some point in the festive period, so that’s at least two Christmas dinners and approximately 16 pigs in blankets. And what about the run-up to Christmas – mince pies? Stollen? Fruitcake? And if your house is anything like mine, the fridge is perpetually stocked in the run-up to the big day – there’ll be loads of snacks for incoming guests, and likely backup snacks if your mum knows you’re liable to scoff the lot before anyone else gets a chance…

Serena Smith

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