4 tips for improving your CV

Looking for that summer job? Graduated from uni? Or to impress that graduate recruiter and potential employer. Check out our 4 tips for improving your CV:

1. Volunteering. Even if it’s only a day a month, showing that you can work for free and be conscientious enough to do so for a good cause looks really good. Especially if you can link it to your degree/what you want to do. Improving your CV doesn’t have to equate to only work experience.

2. Add on some referees who are happy to give you a good report. Whether your potential employer asked for referees or not, it shows that in both educational and professional life you’re respected. References from past programmes or work experience always helps to improve your CV.

3. Include a LinkedIn link if you have one with your other contact details. It shows a degree of professionalism – but make sure that you actually update your profile regularly.

4. Make it less than a page of A4 if possible. You don’t want it to be too long or interviewers will want to put it down because it’s too much to get through.

5. Apply and Search for relevant graduate schemes. Your university will typically let you know of graduate employers who are conducting graduate schemes. It’s always worth it to sign up to these.

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