4 tips for starting revision early

The early bird gets the best grades, at least at uni that is. Start early and finish strongly. Whether you’re preparing to write an essay or stepping to the crucial exam period of the semester, starting early is an absolute must if you wanna see results. Here are 4 tips for starting revision early:

1. Little and often. Even if it’s just a couple of notecards at the end of every week it’ll build up.

2. Listen to revision. Whether you record yourself speaking or you listen to your lecture over and over again, it starts to sink in without you even realising it.

3. Switch up your topics. Starting revision early gives you enough of a window to make any overhauls or major changes in your essay or exam preparation. to If you get bored by sticking on one topic for too long, you won’t want to cover it again and before you know it it’ll be the day before the exam.

4. Try to explain the topics you find difficult to siblings or friends. When you explain verbally you start to understand it better yourself.

Remember that no matter how early or how late you start revising you cannot avoid procrastination from seeping through. That’s why it is always worth noting that at least if you start revising earlier with a larger window of time to prepare you won’t find yourself floundering and being anxious come exam time.

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