4 millennial dating rules you shouldn’t follow

Millennial dating. Wait three days to text after a date. Don’t call – that’s weird, it’s too keen, and nobody calls these days, anyway. Keep your texts short, nobody wants a paragraph. Act like you aren’t bothered, even if you’re hopelessly crushing on this person and just want to ask them out. In fact, don’t even text… how about Snapchat? Chats are deleted, it’s totally casual, and it gives off less-seriousness than giving someone your actual mobile phone number. Asking someone on a ‘real’ date is too much, instead just invite them to ‘hang out’, creating confusion about what you even want from them.

“Talking”. “Hanging out”. “Seeing each other”. “A thing”. “Situationship”. When did the world of dating become so vague, complicated and fake? Here are four stupid millennial dating ‘rules’ you should ignore.

1. You shouldn’t text first

If you like someone, it’s okay to show interest. What happens when you both play hard-to-get? Nothing. If we all tried to be a little more honest, there’d probably be a lot less confusing situationships and broken hearts that come along with most millennial ‘dating’ situations. If you like someone, pick up the phone. If somebody is put off by the idea of you texting first then they don’t like you enough, and at least you know the score straight up. If you want to know the deal, be straight up and ask. If they haven’t texted first, maybe they’re just nervous to be the one to show interest (shock horror!), so, bite the bullet and give it a go.

2. Wait three days to text after a date

No. No. No. This rule is so dumb, I have no idea who thought it up. Not texting relatively soon after a date just gives off the general impression that you aren’t interested. If you’re not, fair enough, but maybe just shoot a simple text saying you had a good time but aren’t interested in continuing it. If you had a good time and would like to see them again, tell them that!

3. You can only talk on Snapchat

Why does everyone do this now? Snapchat gives off such a “fuckboy/girl” vibe. Snapchat chats and photos are deleted right after you’ve seen them, giving the impression you’re just messing around and don’t want your chats kept. Snapchat’s fine, but if you talk for weeks and still don’t even have each other’s numbers or added each other on Facebook, it gives off the idea that you’re just messing around.

4. Play hard to get

Women, especially, think that they have to do this. Always wait longer to reply than he does to a text. Don’t ever ask the guy out on a date – he has to do it. But this is all made-up rubbish, and if you are a feminist who believes in equality, it works both ways! Ever thought maybe the guy you’re chatting to is just too shy to ask you out? Go for it.

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