Your 5-step plan to recover from a library meltdown

We all have those times, especially in third year and when its library day, where you are mid-essay and your eyes start to well up. ‘I can’t do this, it’s too hard!’ ‘I don’t have enough time!’ Sound familiar? Here’s how to recover from a library meltdown…

1. Take 10 slow, deep breaths.

2. Step away from your laptop for 15 mins – get up, go for a walk around, stretch your legs. Grab a coffee (but don’t drink too much!) and five minutes of fresh air. You’ll come back refreshed. Of course, on a side note, practising mindfulness can enable to you empty your mind so that your break was worth the time.

3. Remind yourself that your grades don’t determine your worth. Understand your situation and that mistakes are normal can happen and your best is good enough. This should hopefully give you greater perspective to avoid a library meltdown.

4. Call/message a friend who is doing the same assignment, see if they are struggling too, and offer to study with them! Or if not, pick their brains. Or get in touch with any other people from your course or those who worked with on a group-work project that you get along with.

5. Email/meet a lecture and ask for help!

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