“We were put into a completely different house.” My letting agent nightmare

Sometimes we can never get the accommodation we want and that’s exactly what happened to us….the contract my friends and I signed was, as you would likely expect for student housing in second year, depressing and expensive. We were due to move into our house in early September but were told the day before move-in that the house had been renovated over the summer, and was not yet finished. Thus began my letting agent nightmare as a second year student.

We couldn’t move in for another two weeks. This shambles continued, with landlords and builders becoming increasingly unclear as the days went by on just how long it would be before we could move in.

In the end, our landlord had to move us into another, completely different house where although the rent was almost half of what we were paying, we had no WiFi, faulty heating and only one working shower. We were forced to stay in this property for three months before it was proclaimed that the house we had originally signed for was now, finally ready for us to occupy. The renovations were nice, who doesn’t enjoy a new mattress and fluffy carpet? But was it worth all of the hassle, stress and money for the previous four months? No.

Always check in with your landlord’s previous tenants and ask what they thought of them, because, more often than not, it will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

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