10 things every girl needs in her bag on a night out

Yeah, everyone knows to take your keys, card, and ID. But here’s the stuff you really need to be putting in your bag – or, more likely, into your friend-who-always-takes-a-huge-bag’s bag.


Lipstick can be so pesky – it seems half the time that by midnight it’s everywhere BUT your lips. Whether it’s because you’ve been eating some lucky guy or girl’s face off, or it’s because you’re so sweaty from screaming the lyrics to ‘Mr. Brightside’, be prepared for your next trip to the toilets by having whatever lipstick you’re wearing in your bag.

Mini deodorant

Or mini perfume, whatever floats your boat. Clubs get SWEATY!!! And while you may not notice this when you’re at your peak drunk stage, once you sober up, you’ll probably start wondering what that smell is. Spoiler alert: it’s you. Not that it really matters because the smell is also everyone else around you, but if you’d like to feel a little fresher, deodorant or perfume is a must on a night out.


Whether you’re planning on hitting up the guy you’ve been seeing for a month or pulling your sixth catch this month – condoms are always a good idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in years (or just your first time ever!), STIs and STDs don’t discriminate. And even if they are your 100% guaranteed-to-be-faithful partner of a substantial length of time, USE PROTECTION!

Q tips

Mascara smudged because your ex just texted ‘I miss you’ and you burst out crying? Or you’ve just been elbowed in the face by a sweaty fresher? Whatever the reason – Q tips will help you tidy up your makeup with relative ease. Just don’t try to reapply a whole cat-eye when you’re steaming.


You may end up waking up in some stranger’s house with your mouth tasting like a rubbish tip, or you may fancy freshening up mid-night out. Gum is always a good idea, and even if you don’t use it a little stick of it takes up virtually no space, so you can slip it into your bag regardless.

A lighter

I don’t even smoke, but the number of times I’ve been glad to answer a solid 10/10 in the smoking area when they ask if I have a lighter… I mean, not that these encounters have even led to anything but they MIGHT ONE DAY!!! Ladies, take a lighter out with you in the hope that you’ll find the love of your life in the smoking area!!!

Clean underwear

Largely for the next day if you get lucky and spend the night away from home, but tbh I’ve had a friend wee herself on a night out before, so, you never know, I guess?


You bought some new shoes. Your night out seemed the perfect time and place to break them in, right? Wrong. Come 3 am and your heels will be bleeding and raw. But it’s okay – you can walk home barefoot with a plaster haphazardly stuck to your foot. Better than nothing!

Lip balm

Similar vibe to lipstick, but lip balm is just as – if not more – important. Not having lipstick to reapply is annoying – but lack of lip balm is PAINFUL. And what’s worse is drunk-you will definitely be licking your lips every 3 seconds, which is only going to make matters worse. Save yourself the raw, chafed lips and bring some Vaseline with you.


For when you ditch at 2 am to get cheesy chips at the cash-only takeaway, duh.

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