How to nail your house Secret Santa

House Secret Santa got you stumped this Christmas? Worry not – I’ve got the best gift suggestions for you to get your housemate, no matter who you’ve got living with you. Here’s how to nail your house Secret Santa.

The house mum – a cute notebook

What better gift than a notebook for your house mum to jot down all of your house outings in? With every ‘don’t forget the pub quiz tonight guys!’ message she sends to the group chat, the house mum is essentially a walking human calendar – so gifting her a notebook to plan out your next house meal makes sense, right?

The house slob – slipper socks

Do they ever go to uni? Do they ever get out of pyjamas? Do they ever do any washing? Who knows. Slipper socks are a great present for them to shuffle around the house in – plus, they probably need another clean pair of socks, tbh.

The house workaholic – a mug

Whether they’re eyeballing espressos at 4 am just desperate to finish that one paragraph of their dissertation, or inhaling tea every morning at 7 am before getting ready to hit the library as it opens, a mug is a great Secret Santa present for the workaholic in your life.

The house party animal – alcohol

It may seem like a cop-out, but let’s be real – who wouldn’t want alcohol? Plus, it doesn’t have to be totally impersonal – try to take note of their spirit of choice or their favourite beer, and suddenly an easy present becomes a cute gesture.

The house baby – chocolate

You know the one. The one that’s always crying over some boy, the one who always forgets to do her assessments (and cries), the one who’s just a little bit clueless. It’s hard to know what to do with a house baby, but generally, chocolate, a cuddle and a Christmas film is the answer. And since a cuddle is a bit of a stingy Secret Santa, chocolate is the way forward.

Serena Smith

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