7 lunches ideal for meal prep

Ah, Sunday – the day where it is actually okay to slob around in your pyjamas all day and do absolutely nothing. That’s not all Sundays are good for, though. If you’re a student, your calendar is likely to be full of days dedicated to being in the library, your part-time job, deadlines, the occasional lecture and, marked somewhere too far away, is the date you get your student loan top up (hooray!). But, until then, you’re skint (I am going somewhere with this btw…)…So, here is a list of yummy (and, perhaps more importantly) easy things to meal prep for the next 7 days. Even better, they all contain ingredients you probs already have!

1. Turkey lettuce wraps (sounds weird but they’re so good!!):

2. Meat and cheese stuffed pasta shells:

3. Moroccan couscous with chicken and Moroccan veg:

4. Red pepper and lentil soup:

Go wild and make croutons too! 

5. Veggie quesadillas:

6. Spicy chicken with sweet potato:

If you’re more in the mood for Butternut Squash check this recipe out.

7. Gnocchi salad:

I know some of them sound a bit fancy pants, but, as I said, they’re super easy to make, really tasty and will save you a bit of cash so you can have extra bevvies on your next night out!

This is where Sundays come in handy, because, while you are slobbing around in your PJs you can also be doing some low impact prepping for the week ahead – like your meals, for example – to get you through the week without making you even skinter than you already are.

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