Are club bouncers too forceful?

A story has recently emerged about Manchester bouncers who were fired after assaulting an eighteen-year-old outside of a club. Video footage emerged of the student, Joe Sharratt, being thrown to the ground and punched to the point that when he was admitted to the hospital where doctors found he had a bleed on the brain.

The only issue is, this isn’t an odd occurrence. It just so happened that someone filmed it and that the media wanted to use it. Bouncers are notoriously aggressive and I’ve witnessed someone being attacked by them more than once. Perhaps it’s because they tend to be large and muscular, or perhaps it’s the idea of their position of power, but this is a constantly recurring problem. I find it doubtful that unless this story was taken up by the news, the staff in question would have been reprimanded at all, let alone fired.

It’s odd that bouncers are supposedly there for your protection when in reality they’re sometimes the ones that cause injury. Even before you’ve entered the club, bouncers are often hostile, both verbally and physically. They’ll even turn away physically disabled people, saying they’re “too drunk” and refusing to listen to any explanation. It’s all well and good having someone who looks intimidating to deter any trouble, but it’s another for them to gang up and assault someone.

Don’t get me wrong, not all bouncers are this violent, and drunk people do incredibly stupid things, sometimes leading to bouncer intervention. But, on the whole, I’ve found that some bouncers are horrible people who take it upon themselves to ruin nights out just because they can. If you’ve never been to a nightclub before, be mindful of the attitude of bouncers, you don’t want belligerent staff ruining your night out.

It’s the responsibility of the club to hire bouncers who are protective rather than belligerent. It’s a shame that a lot of people don’t seem to realise that in 9/10 situations, the bouncer is more likely to be hostile and cause injury than not. This should be recognised as a country-wide problem, not an incident solely located at one Manchester nightclub. And we haven’t even gone into the level of sexism bouncers and nightclubs perpetuate.

Stephanie Bennett

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