7 ways to bring mindfulness into your week

We all know that being at university can have a really big strain on our emotions. I know there have been times where I’ve felt so stressed or sad or fed up or overwhelmed or completely and utterly exhausted that I haven’t known what to do except sit and feel sorry for myself. We’ve all been there. But, what I’ve come to learn (and you will hopefully, too) is that there are lots of little things we can do for a brighter, happier you. Here are 7 ways to bring mindfulness into your week:

1. Turn your phone off for the day

Yes, you read that right.

Technology and the internet bring us lots of things we enjoy. Your house WhatsApp chat, online shopping, memes and the Cillian Murphy Instagram fan account. But do you really need your phone on and in your hand every second of the day? No. Switch it off and do something else. You won’t die, I promise.

2. Stop complaining

It’s easy to complain about the weather, someone on your course, your workload, your job… anything really. But, instead of that, try letting the thought pass silently.

3. Clean something

Spend 10 minutes giving something a quick clean. Whether it’s your food cupboard, the work surfaces, or your desk, giving something a quick wipe down will make you feel more productive and satisfied and will give the room a bit of a lift!

4. Close your eyes

Closing your eyes for a couple of minutes and just focusing on your breathing is really relaxing. Trust me, just do it. Focusing on your breathing and just being mindful of your surroundings is a great way to relax and declutter your mind.

5. Make your sleep environment better

Whether it’s changing your bed, buying some candles or re-arranging your room, have a think about what can make the place you sleep a better one, then go and do it! It’ll make you feel much more relaxed and content when you snuggle up into bed at night.

6. Enjoy a good brew

Make a brew and just enjoy it. Don’t have the TV on, don’t read anything or go on your phone. Just sit, think about things and enjoy.

7. Do a task

Whether it’s watering your plant, cleaning the fridge or changing a light bulb, instead of putting it off and off and off, just do it. It won’t take as long as you think and you’ll notice how much more on top of things you feel afterwards.

Mindfulness teaches us to be mindful, not full of mind.

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