I wrote an essay drunk and got a 2:1

This shit happened, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone to do but I guess I can thank my lucky stars it happened to me… Admittedly a very low 2:1, but still.

A friend was crashing at mine as he was coming from Lincoln for a gig which finished super late – I had a deadline at midnight, so I told him I couldn’t go to the gig with him but that I’d still be down for some drinks beforehand.

I did not go to the gig – I do have SOME self-restraint – but ‘some drinks’ ended up being two Spoons pitchers. And so at 8 pm I dropped my friend off at the venue and stumbled home to a half-written essay that needed to be submitted in a few hours.

I edited the whole thing drunk, chopped and changed a few things, even wrote a brand new conclusion. At the time, I thought it was genius. In hindsight… it really wasn’t.

But to be fair – it got a 2:1! It wasn’t my highest mark ever, but it (surprisingly) wasn’t my lowest, so who’s to say writing an essay drunk should be off limits…? Having said that, don’t try and replicate my achievements of luck as I call it. Better to start early and prepare ideally but if you find yourself floundering, having procrastinated the whole time, bottoms up!

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