Everything you’ll feel on a spiritual level if you’re dreading going back to uni

Most people can’t wait to get back to going out and ruining their livers every other night. But what about those of us who are going to seriously miss curling up on a sofa with our mums? Here’s everything you’ll feel on a spiritual level if you’re dreading going back to uni…

1. You are not ready to go back to cooking

You’ve probably forgotten how to cook, tbh. I know I have. Why would anyone want to swap a large variety of healthy AND yummy meals for pesto pasta all day every day? You don’t even have to pay for your own takeaways at home, so being in a rush to get back makes no sense to me.

2. Likewise, who wants to do washing again?

Okay, washing is pretty easy, but at home, all you have to do is put it in a washing basket, and it gets magically cleaned. Who wants to go back to Circuit laundry? Paying for your own washing powder? Not me.

3. Don’t even get me started on revision

I am dreading going back to uni because it means going back to the library. No thanks. At home, I can still continue to do no work, but at least I have the excuse of not having access to the library/not having my books/needing to spend time with my family. At uni, there is literally no excuse.

4. Home is so PEACEFUL

I doubt even the noisiest families have people coming in at 4 am every other night and spilling their chips all over the floor right outside your room. Why would anyone be in a rush to escape relative peace and quiet and go back to having people banging on your door at midnight asking if they can have your wine in the fridge?

5. And the most important thing of all…

I love my parents and I get homesick!!! I’m so lucky to get on with them and though things aren’t perfect all the time, being at uni means I hardly see them during term time. Making the most of spending time with them at home is oh-so-important, so yeah, I plan on staying here for as long as possible. That said, I won’t miss my mum shouting at me for leaving a mug in my room for more than an hour. Or my dad badgering me to revise. Or…

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