How to woo your library crush

It’s exam season, so, naturally, you’re in the library but you’ve done all you can to prepare for this next exam. And frankly, the only reason worth going (besides justifying a meal deal splurge) is to stare at the solid 10 sitting opposite. It can be hard to seduce someone in total silence, but here are some top tips on how to woo your library crush.

One word: bananas

You’re going to be eating in the library anyway, so why not choose an incredibly suggestive – and healthy – food? Whip out a banana and make eye contact for as long as you dare to get your crush’s heart racing.

Strategically drop pens

Depending on where they’re sitting, this could be a gentle nudge off your desk or a full-blown ‘walk-past-and-drop-it-literally-in-front-of-their-face’ scenario. An unusual tactic, but we’re in a library here. Anything to get their attention is a win, and when you’re bending over in front of them, their eyes will definitely be glued to you.

Go further – drop all your books

If dropping the pen got their attention, take things up a notch and drop literally everything you’re carrying. It sounds nuts, but if they’re a decent human being, they’ll rush to help you. Think of it as a test – if they don’t come to help, then they’re clearly trash with no manners. If they do help, they were brought up right, and now you’re talking as he arranges your Renaissance poetry into a pile. Win-win.

Opt for some racy clothes

Okay, it is a library at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little skin. Wear a skirt or some other fashionable ‘library bottoms‘. A sheer top. Some lingerie. It’s 2019; we wear what we want now. Whether it’s a little black number or an Ann Summers bra that can just pass as a crop top, anything to get their imagination going works.

Face the music and go and talk to them

It may seem kind of weird, but there are actually loads of ‘not that creepy’ things to ask people in a library. Can I use that plug socket? Can I borrow a pen? Do you have the time? Aren’t you in my seminar? Arguably it’s easier to chat someone up in the library than in a club. The Chainsmokers aren’t blaring in the background. At least you’ll be able to hear each other in the eerie silence.

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